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Skull shape pumpkins molds for sale (free shipping)


Skull shape pumpkins molds is made of Polycarbonate , it was specially designed for shaping pumpkins watermelon or gourds into skull shape .


Size : 22cm x 15cm x 15cm

Material :  Polycarbonate

How to use :

1. Choose the proper type pumpkins (which mature weight over 5kg with smooth yellow skin).

2. Put the baby pumpkins or watermelon on the teeth position of the skull molds which will make better shapes .

3. Observe the molds in the finally stage , when the pumpkins fill all the corner of the molds,then it is the time to harvest , open the mold carefully ,knock the molds with pliers to release the pumpkins easier .then you will get the best skull shape pumpkin .

4. The skull molds can also used on watermelon or gourds which has the similar property .

 We not only supply you with the molds , but also teach you how to grow them successfully ,there are quite many experience worth to share .

Notice :

The package is not include the bolts and nuts ,the size is M8x16mm:



All package will be sent by post mail which is about 15-25 days to arrives after purchased. if you require better and faster shipping such as DHL or Fedex .please contact seller. 


Note :

Enough evidence shows that the black color may kills the young pumpkins or other harmful to the young pumpkin which lead to many failure of growing or shaping , rotting and stop growing before big enough to be shaped . so now we only produce the clear mold which has been test very well in many variety of pumpkin or other melon , it will increase the success rate up to 95% .

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